Acrylic Edge Banding

Acrylic edge banding is made from a well-established, high-grade thermoplastic that make it incredibly hard wearing. This tough, versatile edging is also known as 3D Acrylic or PMMA, and is perfect for areas that withstand a lot of wear and tear. Resistant to both pressure and scratches, damage can be easily rectified by rebuffing.

Offering a host of great features, acrylic edge banding benefits from an ultra-transparent layer of decorative finish that can be applied to the back of the edging to create a special 3D effect. When applied correctly, this creates a perfect finish with seamless transitions between edges. The matt silk surface of 3D edge banding can also be polished to almost any desired sheen, making this the perfect edging for all furniture applications.

3D acrylic or PMMA is available from both our standard stock range and special production facilities. It comes in a wide variety of colours, textures, thicknesses and widths, allowing you to find the perfect edging for any project.

3D Effect

Acrylic edge banding can be used to create an extreme depth effect and a high-gloss finish.

Hard Wearing

It’s incredibly hard wearing, making it both attractive and practical. Use it on furniture that suffers hard wear and simply buff out any scratches or scuffs.


Achieve a seamless finish with invisible joins in your edging through transparent acrylic technology.

Polished Finnish

Create a highly polished, silk finish that can easily achieve a range of effects from light to high sheen.