Edge Banding Touch Up And Repair

As well as looking fantastic, the main job of edge banding is to protect your furniture, worktops or doors from everyday wear and tear. It has to take a lot of knocks and scrapes – but that doesn’t mean it has to end up looking shabby. Properly cared for, your edge banding can stay in top condition for the lifetime of your product.

Our range of edge banding touch up pens and waxes can cover minor scratches and scuffs flawlessly. They are available in a vast range of colours to ensure a perfect match with your edgings, and that marks are covered invisibly. Waxes and pens are also available special production if you can’t find the colour you need in our stock range.

Edge banding touch up and repairs are simple and quick using touch up pens and waxes, leaving a brilliant finish. They are a low-cost solution to keeping your edge banding looking at its best. It couldn’t be easier.  Head over to our shop to browse our range or speak to one of our specialists.

Some edge banding, such as 3D Acrylic (or PMMA) which has a tough clear composition with the pattern printed on the underside, can be buffed, meaning small scrapes can be smoothed away without damaging the design. If you’re unsure how to care for your edge banding, just get in touch.  

Easy Repairs

So simple to use, minor defects or damage can be instantly corrected with our soft waxes and edge banding touch up pens.

Quick Touch Ups

No need for time-consuming, costly repairs; our waxes and touch up pens do the job in minutes, so you can get back to your project.

Colour Matched

Scuffs and knocks are completely covered in a shade perfectly matched to your edging and boards. Can’t find the right shade? We can supply special colour production waxes and pens. Just ask!

Flawless Finish

Scruffy edging can ruin the design aesthetic of your project. Maintain that pristine look of new edging for longer or swiftly cover up small marks that appear in transit or fitting.