Aluminium Edge Banding

Our aluminium edge banding is the perfect choice for any style-conscious designer looking to add a little extra chic to their project. Easily used to accentuate any project with a beautiful pop of shining, shimmering aluminium, this edging can be matched to the existing aluminium of your board, or used in contrast for a super slick, all-over metallic finish.

Not only does it look amazing, aluminium edging is also an extremely practical choice. Offering an extremely high level of durability, it can’t be easily scratched or scuffed, and any damage that does occur is usually superficial and easily buffed out. In addition, the extra durability of the finish means your banding can’t be chipped, cracked, or shattered, and is hygienic and incredibly easy to clean. It’s the perfect practical, family-friendly choice.


Aluminium edge banding is highly durable and cannot be chipped, cracked, or shattered, while scratches and scuffs are easily buffed out.


The perfect choice for anyone with an eye for style, aluminium banding provides a chic and effortless finish.

Easy Clean

Exceptionally easy to clean the sheer surface of aluminium banding is hygienic and family-friendly.


Easily accentuate any project with a pop of beautiful, shining aluminium, or match to your boards for an all-over metallic finish.