Edge Banding Glue Removers And Cleaners

Whether you’re using EVA glue, PUR glue, contact adhesive or any other kind, you need to make sure you clean your edge banding equipment thoroughly so that it stays in good condition, ready for the next job. This is especially important with the likes of PUR glue, which will not re-melt and will harden inside your equipment if it is not completely purged and cleaned. Make life easy for yourself and pick up the right edge banding glue cleaners for your machinery and the adhesive you’re using, so you can spend more time doing what you love – creating your furniture.

As well as using the right cleaners for your equipment, having the right edge banding glue remover to hand is important, in case any glue ends up where it shouldn’t. Mistakes can happen to us all no matter how experienced you are at applying edge banding and you don’t want to end up with any unsightly bondlines or glue smears on your boards. Using the right remover will get rid of even miniscule spots of stray glue and ensure you’re not left with residue or damage to your boards or edgings.

We believe in using the best products for your project from start to finish. That’s why we stock a range of glue cleaners and removers to make sure your edge banding ends up as pristine as you planned, every time. To find what you need, head over to our shop or speak to one of our specialists.

Perfect Edging

Let’s face it; using glue can get a bit messy. But your edge banding shouldn’t. Use our range of specialist edge banding glue removers for seamless, pristine edges, with no ugly glue drips or smears.

Easy Clean

Who wants to spend hours cleaning their edge banding equipment? With the right glue cleaners it’s a simple, fuss-free job.

Top Condition

You’re only as good as your tools, so they say. So make sure your equipment is always in good clean condition and ready for the next job.

Special Formulas

If you’re using the wrong product, your clean-up will be really hard work. Save time and effort with products that have been specially formulated for the task.