Veneer Edge Bandings

When you’re trying to achieve the appearance of perfect solid-wood effect the weight or expense of real wood, our real wood veneer edge bandings are the perfect solution. They provide a high quality wooden effect in a range of quality wood veneer species for the perfect finish every time. Produced using asymmetrical finger jointing with colour coordinated, homogeneous veneer selections throughout, our veneer edgings are guaranteed to provide the characteristics of solid wood.

All veneer edge bands are fine surface sanded for maximum clarity and quality. The wood-effect side of the edging is available pre-stained or lacquered to your desired finish on request. Meanwhile the reverse side is supplied either fleeced, primed, or pre-glued depending on thickness and your preference.

They’re available in as traditional single-layer pieces for a budget-friendly solution, or as thick multi-layer edgings for the highest possible quality. This gives you the best of both worlds, and the ability to match your edge banding to the needs of your project and length of your purse strings. 

Wood veneer edge bands are suitable for straight and curved panel processing. Internal and external radii are achievable dependent on the required thickness of the veneer, offering almost unlimited application ability. Choose from a wide range of options, with standard wood veneer species are available from our stock range, and non-standard, bespoke veneers available for production on request.

Real Wood Veneer

Real wood veneer edge bandings for the perfect solid-wood effect without the weight and expense.

Budget Friendly

Easily match the thickness of your veneer edgings to your project needs and budget.

Bespoke Veneers

Select one of the standard wood veneers from our shop, our request a bespoke veneer for a totally unique look.

Perfect Finish

Choose from a pre-stained or lacquered finish to ensure the final look and feel of your edging is spot on.