Edge Banding Adhesive

At Cadre Components we’re well aware that finding the perfect edge banding is only half the battle. You also need to affix it to your boards, ensure it’s perfectly aligned. More than that, you want to know the job you’ve done will last. 

We don’t believe in doing half a job, so not only do we stock a wide range of standard and bespoke edge bandings, we also stock an equally broad range of edge banding adhesives, giving your edgings the perfect fit and maximum staying power. We stock a range of adhesives for all surfaces and applications, including hot melt glue cartridges, low and hot melt glue pellets and contact adhesive canisters.

Firm Hold

Edge banding adhesive that ensure the strongest possible hold, for the maximum amount of time.

Easy To Use

All our adhesives have been designed to be as effective and user-friendly as possible.


The devil’s in the details, our adhesives ensure your edge banding is applied (and remains!) exactly where you want it.

Neat Finish

For a perfectly edged finish that looks utterly pristine, we offer adhesives that are completely invisible once your banding is in place.