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An Easy Guide To Edge Banding For Coffin Manufacturers

Coffin manufacturers pride themselves on producing a quality product. Something with dignity, elegance and craftsmanship. They look for the best quality materials to create a beautiful finished product. Many coffin manufacturers today use veneered boards for a cost-effective way of

How To Easily Remove Edge Banding Adhesive

Like many woodworking or furniture products, edge banding is applied with glue. Depending on your project, it will likely be a hot melt glue. Any time you’re working with glue, things can get a little messy. No matter how experienced

How To Choose The Perfect Cherry Edge Banding Tape

Bringing natural materials into interiors is always a great way to add warmth, comfort, quality and textural interest. With its range of shades, fine texture and straight grain, cherry wood is a favourite for designers and makes a statement whether

How To Use Edge Banding Wax: The Complete Guide

When you’ve completed your latest project, there’s nothing better than the look of all those pristine new edges. A seamless wooden finished worktop, super high gloss cupboard doors with 3D contrast edging, or a chic granite effect desk; whatever you’re

Everything You Need To Know About ABS Edge Banding

If you’re looking for the perfect edging solution, one great, versatile thermoplastic choice is ABS edge banding (or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene to be precise). ABS is one of the newer edge banding materials on the market. You may have come

How To Choose The Perfect White Edge Banding Tape

Little can beat the pure elegance and simplicity of white. It’s the colour of light, of innocence, and generally associated with goodness. As close to perfection as a colour can get, white has long been seen to represent both cleanliness

We Say Yes

Whatever You Need – We Say Yes Need a quick turnaround? We Say Yes. Only need a small volume? We Say Yes. Need a colour match but don’t have the reference number? We Say Yes. No matter what your

Cadre launch edgy new website

Cadre Components customers will be able to order our products online for the first time via our brand-new website. Our quick and easy e-shop will soon be online, where you can search through the largest range of edge banding materials

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