The creation of the perfect product is a lengthy process with a lot of things to consider. It usually requires a lot of time, energy, equipment and expertise. One thing we’ve discovered over the years is that for many companies, having the ability to do every single aspect of this process in-house is not only expensive, it’s unnecessary.

You have your realm of expertise, your ‘zone of genius’. You know exactly how to create the perfect composite door, the best washroom cubicle, the ideal coffin design, or the most innovative kitchen unit.

Whatever you do, you’re brilliant at it, yet you’re not necessarily great at every single element that goes into it.

And nor should you be – nobody’s perfect at everything.

Instead, the business world operates on the precept that we all excel in one particular area, and for everything else, there’s someone out there we can hire to handle it for us.

So while your brand of brilliance may be beautiful bathroom designs, practical office furniture, or stylish-yet-affordable home furniture, Cadre Components excel at one thing: edge banding.

And since you need edge banding to create every inch of your own exceptional designs, it makes sense that you leave that side of your business to us.

No need to buy the equipment, learn the process, or create whole new jobs and departments within your business to cut and fit your edging.

Not when you can get an expert to do it for you.

If you’re looking for the perfect cut and edging service to ensure that your edge banding is perfectly applied every time, look no further. Here are all the benefits and everything you need to know about using a bespoke, done-for-you service…

What Is A Cut And Edging Service?

A cut and edging services combines the provision of the perfect edge banding with all the expertise and equipment needed to cut your boards and bandings to size, and affix them to each other.

Not only does this take the pressure of you, in terms of time, resources, and effort, it also ensures your finished product is perfect every time.

Why Use A Cut And Edging Service?

A professional cut and edging services ensures you not only have access to a full range of edge bandings, allowing you to choose exactly what your project needs, it also ensures you have access to all the latest edging technology.

This is a particularly useful service if the materials you’re working with are not to standard sizes, widths, or shapes. Affixing edge banding can be tricky with certain shapes and curves, while a seamless, high-quality finish depends on the ability to not only match the right edging to your board, but also perfectly cut and bond them.

When you use a cut and edge service you’re ensuring your products have the full benefit of a bespoke facility that is dedicated entirely to the use of edge banding. The machinery is state-of-the-art, staffed by experts whose only focus is working to the precise specifications you need in order to cut, drill, and edge your products.

Bespoke Cuts And The Perfect Fit Every Time…

One of the limitations of edge banding is the difficulty in finding the perfect fit for the cut of your board. Whether it’s an unusual shape, a problematic curve, or a non-standard width, the bespoke cuts that come with a professional edging service eliminate any issues.

Whatever size your boards, whatever specifications you need your edge banding to meet, having an expert cut and edge everything for you takes all the stress, worry, and uncertainty out of the process.

Matching The Perfect Edge To Your Board…

One of the other benefits of using a professional cut and edging service is the ability of an expert to perfectly match your edging to your boards. Whether you have the code or not, a pro will be able to look at your boards and find an exact match.

And if you’re not looking for a perfect match but a striking contrast, they can advise you on the best way to achieve that look too. From a pop of colour to a shimmering metallic finish, you’ll always have the ideal edge for your boards.

A High Quality Finish…

There’s no need to settle for an ‘almost perfect’ job that’s the best you could manage in-house. You don’t need to hire someone who specialises in edging, or train up an existing member of staff to ensure they can perfectly cut and edge your boards.

In fact, there’s no need for you to do anything at all – just let your edging service know exactly what you need, and leave it to them to handle the rest.

Every single aspect of the job is handled for you, from sourcing the materials you need, to fine-tuning the details, cutting everything, attaching it, and ensuring that perfectly flawless finish.

Expert Support For Your Business…

While all of these benefits are great news for your business, there is one huge bonus that really can’t be underestimated. Having the support of a professional service that excels at the one thing you need them to do is priceless. When you find the perfect edging partner you can work together with them to make sure your clients always receive the best possible product, while you receive the best possible service and amazing value for money.

If you’re looking for a professional cut and edging service to help with all your edge banding needs, look no further. Cadre Components offer a high-quality, bespoke service that will provide exceptional results every time. Get in touch today, we’re here to help…