If you’re looking for the perfect edging solution, one great, versatile thermoplastic choice is ABS edge banding (or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene to be precise). ABS is one of the newer edge banding materials on the market. You may have come across it if you’ve been searching for an environmentally friendly edge banding. Often positioned as a ‘greener’ alternative to PVC, it shares many characteristics with this more traditional plastic, with the added benefit of being 100% recyclable, or safely incinerated.

Think ABS is right for your project? Read on for everything you need to know about ABS edge banding…

What Is ABS Edge Banding?

ABS edging has been on the market for about 20 years, slowly taking the place of PVC in the furniture and woodworking industries. The rise in popularity was driven by companies and manufacturers becoming more aware of their environmental impact, and the need to find more ecologically friendly alternatives to products and processes.

ABS is a high grade thermoplastic that’s very resistant to everyday knocks and scrapes, so it’s great for furniture in high-traffic areas. It can withstand water, is highly heat resistant, and isn’t damaged by domestic cleaning products making it perfect for family kitchens.

It’s also a great material for use in offices, bathrooms, all interior furnishings, shop fitting and coffin manufacturing, even for exhibition stands . Its high level of heat resistance means it can be used on kitchen cabinets next to hot ovens or hobs without damage or distortion.

As an edging, ABS is very flexible, giving almost unlimited application options. Whether straight edge boards, curves, or custom shapes, you can mould this material to fit your design aesthetic. It’s also relatively easy to process on edge banding machines.

ABS is lighter in composition and density than PVC but still provides an incredibly durable surface to protect your board edges. It offers some of the same positives as PVC, with the added bonus of being fully recyclable and biodegradable.

The Environmentally Friendly Edging…

As we’ve mentioned, the feature that sets ABS apart from the crowd is the fact that it’s far more environmentally friendly than other edge banding materials.

ABS is made without any chlorine or acids, which means it can be disposed of in a much safer, healthier way. Usually when plastics burn they produce particles that are harmful to the ozone layer and our health when breathed in. However, because of its chemical makeup, ABS doesn’t release harmful smoke or toxins and it doesn’t leave any hazardous by-products.

Any waste left after incineration is completely biodegradable. There’s no need to spend valuable time separating edges and boards before disposal, it can all be incinerated together in general waste. ABS also burns far more easily than other plastics, so less energy is used in its disposal overall – making it highly energy efficient.

ABS edge banding is also 100% recyclable – it can be melted down and used to create other plastic products.

It’s a good one to know about for companies and manufacturers fulfilling contracts or trying to win tenders that require a low level of environmental impact or for those looking to reduce their impact on the environment generally.

This is a material suitable for the environmentally conscious and for use in projects where both the health of the people involved in its manufacture and the end user is a priority…

Flexible Edging Designs…

ABS edge banding is very flexible, meaning it can be fairly easily applied to curves, and internal or external radii. This property allows greater freedom of design. Go for this edging if you’re working on bespoke furniture projects or unusual shapes.

It’s produced in solid colour and can be made in an almost unlimited range of designs, including wood effect, textured, block colour, concrete and metal effect, granite, marble, or high gloss – the list goes on. As digital printing technology continues to develop, you’ll soon be able to create any design you can imagine on your ABS edge banding.

Our Pick Of ABS Edging…

We have hundreds of colours and patterns available, to match a huge range of boards. If you have your board reference, just type it into the search bar in our shop and see all the edges that match. Or if you’re looking for inspiration, take some time to browse and see the effects and colours available.

Here are just a few examples to give you some ideas…

Concrete is a very chic material for minimalist interiors. Emulate the look of polished concrete with some of our fantastically realistic edgings, including:

Fancy something a little bit special? Make an impact with this Brushed Gold Aluminium Effect ABS Edging. Or why not try block colours and a super glossy finish – go for ultra modern with a pop of wow! Try one of these gorgeous designs:

Real wood adds a cosy, natural feel to interiors. As well as all the variations on oak, beech, pine and ash wood you would expect, there are also some more unusual wood effects available. Create the look of real wood with these beautiful edgings:

If you still have questions about ABS edging banding or need help choosing the right one for your boards or particular project, our team of experts is ready. Get in touch today.