Coffin manufacturers pride themselves on producing a quality product. Something with dignity, elegance and craftsmanship. They look for the best quality materials to create a beautiful finished product.

Many coffin manufacturers today use veneered boards for a cost-effective way of providing a beautiful, high quality real wood finish. For a dignified farewell, the best coffin manufacturers also use wood veneer edge banding to hide raw panel edges, create a seamless finish, and to give the effect of solid wood.

Choosing the right edge banding for coffin manufacturers is not always straight-forward. There is a huge choice of veneer boards and edge banding and getting a perfect match can seem like an impossible puzzle.

Getting that match is imperative however, to maintain high standards and ensure a quality product for the customer.

If you want to want to find out more about edge banding for coffin manufacturers, we’ve put together this easy guide…

Edge Banding For Coffin Manufacturers…

There is an absolutely huge choice of wood-based panels on the market from a range of manufacturers. These companies are continually innovating, and some of the wood effect finishes produced today are almost indistinguishable from solid wood.

As trends change and customer tastes evolve, coffin manufacturers must also continuously refresh the choice of materials and finishes they offer. This means keeping up to date with the latest designs in veneered wood-based boards and panels.

As a result, coffin manufacturers also need to refresh the edge banding they use to ensure it is precisely matched to their boards.

Finding the right edge banding for a particular board is not always simple. Not all board manufacturers produce their own matching edge banding in-house. There is a whole separate industry for edge banding, with a number of leading manufacturers producing edging to match all the new board and panel ranges that hit the market.

Some customers may request more contemporary coffins – with non-traditional colours, patterns and textures. If you’re thinking of offering a bespoke or unique design service, it’s also worth knowing about ABS edge banding.

This is the environmentally friendly edge banding option. ABS is 100% recyclable and can be safely incinerated, with any waste being biodegradable. It comes in a vast choice of colours, patterns and textures, giving more freedom for customers to personalise their coffins to their tastes.

The Benefits Of Wood Veneer Edge Banding…

Wood is of course the traditional material for coffins and caskets, with mahogany and oak being popular choices through the ages.

While natural wood is undeniably beautiful, it does come with some drawbacks. It’s expensive, heavy, hard to keep pristine and prone to warping and movement.

Technological advances in the production of processed wood-based boards such as MDF, particle board and high density fibreboard, have offered quality alternatives to solid wood.

These boards are lighter, cheaper and easier to work with than solid wood, and can be veneered with real wood to maintain the same visual and textural appeal.

The process of veneering is nothing new. According to some sources, the technique of using thin layers of precious woods to cover less valuable woods has been around for centuries. But it was only in the 20th century, alongside the rise in popularity of wood-based boards, that veneering became widespread.

Over the past few decades, wood-based boards covered in either wood veneer or a plastic laminate, have become a hugely popular alternative to solid wood in a range of industries – from kitchens and furniture, to even coffin manufacture.

With the prices of funerals increasing, coffin manufacturers that can offer their customers this cost-effective option, while still providing a high quality product, have a competitive edge.

The Best Edge Banding Choices For Coffin Manufacturers…

With modern advancements in veneering and wood effect finishes, there’s no need to sacrifice quality and style when switching from solid wood to veneered wood-based panels and edge banding.

Coffin manufacturers can choose from a vast range of traditional wood finishes such as mahogany, oak and cherry, or more contemporary twists on wood style, to cater to any customer taste.

Here are just a few ideas…

Cherry Real Wood Veneer Thru & Thru Edging

Cherry wood is a beautiful rich coloured wood and a popular choice for coffins. This cherry veneer edge banding, with a subtle red hue, will complement a range of cherry veneer boards, creating the look and feel of solid wood that so many customers demand.  

European Oak Real Wood Veneer Thru & Thru Edging

Oak is a classic coffin choice that’s likely to remain popular. This oak veneer edge banding matches a good range of veneer panels and will ensure a timeless look. It comes in a beautiful mid tone and super realistic texture.

Sapele Real Wood Veneer Thru & Thru Edging

Mahogany is a traditional choice for many and one that’s likely to be in demand for years to come. This edging, in a beautiful deep lustrous tone, can be used with a good range of mahogany veneer boards.

Walnut Real Wood Veneer Thru & Thru Edging

Walnut is indisputably beautiful and makes for a very dignified coffin style. This walnut veneer edge banding will complete the look of walnut coffin designs, creating a seamless and pristine finished product.

American White Oak Real Wood Veneer

For a slightly different take on oak, try this white oak wood veneer edge banding. It comes in an elegant lighter tone but with the same classic beauty of oak.

It can be difficult to know how to find the perfect edge banding for coffin manufacturers. The simplest place to start is over at our online shop. If you have a board reference, just type it in and all the matching edging that’s available will pop up. You can then order the exact length, width and thickness required, safe in the knowledge that the edge banding has been specifically matched to your board. If you don’t know your board reference, you can search by term and browse the options that appear.

For more complicated requirements or large orders, you might find it better to speak to our expert team. We are the UK’s leading supplier of edge banding. No matter what your requirements, we can help.