Kronospan is the world’s largest manufacturer of wood based panels. If you work in the furniture, refurbishment, DIY or fitting industries, you will have heard of these guys.

They are the leading producer of particleboard, medium density fibreboard, laminate flooring, melamine faced panels, lacquered panels, and a whole lot more associated products.

Founded in 1897 in Austria, Kronospan has a rich history of evolving to meet the needs of a changing world. It’s a pretty huge organisation, operating more than 40 wood based panel manufacturing sites across the globe.

The company has long been a leader in innovation in the industry, pioneering many key advances. Their products have a wide range of applications, including worktops, external cladding, internal wall panels and furniture.

Their panels come in a wide range of finishes, from high gloss to ultra realistic stone and wood finishes. There are hundreds of contemporary and cutting edge designs to choose from in gloss, matt, metallic and material finishes.

As with any project using wood-based panels, a crucial part of the overall finish is well chosen edge banding. No matter how beautiful your boards, if you don’t use the right edge banding you’ll be left with ugly edges, spoiling the integrity of your whole design.

A range of leading edge banding manufacturers produce edging to match Kronospan boards, so you can achieve that perfect finish.

Here’s our pick of the best Kronospan edge banding, for a polished, pristine finish…

Black Twinstep Acrylic ABS Edging

This is a stunning contemporary design, if you’re looking to add some wow factor to your projects. Paired with a perfectly black matt board, its two tone black and grey will create a chic accent to an otherwise block colour board. Pair it with Kronospan 0190 MG Black or Kronospan P190 AG Black P 190 boards, or even a bright colour pop board for a quirky finish.

Brushed Steel 3D Acrylic ABS Edging

We love this very cool brushed steel edging, a great choice if you’re looking to create an industrial chic interior. Use it with a coordinating panel such as Kronospan AL03 Brushed Inox AL 03 or Kronospan 6060 SM Steel, or pair it with a contrasting block colour panel for a pop of metallic detail and a very striking look.

This edging comes in a 3D Acrylic, adding another level of visual and textural interest. The brushed steel effect is encased in an ultra high gloss, and very tough, acrylic coating that mimics glass. The super tough acrylic is extremely resistant to knocks and scrapes and unlike other edge banding materials, small marks can be buffed away. To find out more about 3D Acrylic edge banding, click here.


Black Patterned ABS Edging

A polished granite effect has become very popular in kitchens in recent years. This pleasingly textured edge banding comes in a black speckled pattern, giving the impression of natural stone, but with the added convenience of ABS. Match this edge banding with Kronospan K211 Black Porphyry K 211.

Dark Apple Textured ABS Edging

If it’s a real wood effect you’re looking for, try this dark apple wood textured ABS edge banding to match your Kronospan 8438 PE boards. With a realistic wood grain pattern and a durable textured surface, this is a great alternative to solid wood, which can be heavy, expensive and hard to maintain. Using wood-based processed panels and matching edge banding, you can create the same effect but with the added convenience of plastic laminates and melamines, which are easier to clean and fit.

Graphite Grey High Gloss ABS Edging

This is a very chic choice in a graphite grey, perfect for contemporary kitchens and other living spaces. The high gloss ABS finish adds an extra touch of glamour to interiors. Pair this edge banding with Kronospan U162 Graphite Grey or Kronospan 0162 HG Graphite Grey boards for a stylish kitchen design.

Brushed Copper 3D Acrylic ABS Edging

Another great choice for an industrial or vintage look, this brushed copper edge banding provides a brilliant metallic sheen to interiors. Make a bold statement by matching it with a coordinated Kronospan AL05 Brushed Copper AL 05 board, or use as an accent for a unique style. Again, the metallic effect comes with another level of visual depth and interest in a 3D Acrylic edging.

Grey Oak Wood Effect ABS Edging

This is another beautiful wood effect edge banding, in a slightly greyed colour and grained texture, for a different take on oak. A great way to bring a touch of natural materials into interiors, without the cost or maintenance of real wood. Try it teamed with Kronospan K079 PW Grey Clubhouse Oak K 079 boards.

Beige Marble Patterned ABS Edging

If you love the look of marble, but don’t have the budget for a solid slab, try Kronospan K024 SU Beige Pierta Marble K 024 boards teamed with this beautiful and realistic beige marble ABS edge banding. A classic look for kitchens and other interior spaces.

ABS is the most environmentally friendly edge banding available, so look for this if being green is an important element of your project. Find out more here.

So there you have it – all the benefits of Kronospan edge banding. These are just a few examples from the hundreds of boards and matching edging available. As the world’s biggest panel product manufacturer, there is a huge network of suppliers. It can be daunting knowing where to start to find the exact edging to complete your design, whether you’re going for perfect coordination or a striking contrast.

The best place to start your search is over at our online shop. Simply type in your board reference and all the coordinating edge bandings will pop up for you. You can then order online the exact length, width and thickness you need. It couldn’t be easier.

If you don’t have your board reference or are just looking for inspiration, you can simply search for Kronospan and browse the huge choice available. Or just pick up the phone and talk to one of our specialist team. We’ve been working with edge banding a long time, so no matter what your query, we can help.