When you’ve completed your latest project, there’s nothing better than the look of all those pristine new edges. A seamless wooden finished worktop, super high gloss cupboard doors with 3D contrast edging, or a chic granite effect desk; whatever you’re working on you want to keep that immaculate finish looking good for as long as possible. The last thing you want is knocks, scrapes, scratches or scuffs ruining the overall effect of your design, and leaving it looking tatty.

That’s where edge banding wax comes into play. It’s an incredibly useful product, and a ridiculously simple and inexpensive way of covering small marks to keep that perfect edging in top condition.

Want to know how to use edge banding wax? Read on for our complete guide…

Practical Purpose…

As well as looking fantastic, edge banding has a job to do. Its highly practical purpose is to protect the edges of your furniture and to take the very knocks and scrapes that can leave it looking worse for wear. But life happens – unfortunately, there’s really no way of preventing the odd scuff here and there.

Marks can appear during production and transit, no matter how carefully your products are handled and packaged. And you really don’t want to deliver items to your customers in anything less than perfect condition. Once in situ, your product is exposed to the wear and tear of general use, especially in public areas, and it’s the edges that take the brunt of it. That’s ok, it’s what it’s designed to do. But some simple edge banding repairs can ensure you deliver a perfect product, and that it stays that way.

Edge Banding Repair…

For some edging, such as tough and clear 3D Acrylic PMMA, small scuffs can be buffed away. But for other edge bandings, such as wood veneer or ABS, buffing would completely ruin the surface of the material.

Enter edge banding wax – the useful little sticks that are small, inexpensive and quick to use.

Wax sticks have become increasingly indispensable in recent years, as costs have risen and the market has become more and more competitive.

Time is precious, and quality boards are not cheap, so who wants to waste energy and materials cutting and edging whole new boards for the sake of a small defect? Or bringing products back to the workshop for small repairs that could be more efficiently done on site?

Besides, there isn’t always the time to re-do your work.

No-one wants to keep clients waiting for their orders.

Your business is built on your reputation to deliver quality products on time. Edge banding wax sticks are the easy, convenient way to ensure small repairs don’t slow you down or impact on quality.

How To Use Edge Banding Wax…

With a quick slick of wax, marks disappear. It’s as easy as that.

Edging wax can be used to cover minor defects on your boards, and unsightly glue lines, as well as small scratches and scuffs. It comes in a vast range of colours and even custom colours for a perfectly matched, invisible repair.

If you’re fulfilling large repeat orders using the same boards and edging, again and again, it makes sense to keep a good supply of the complementary wax, and ensure anyone working in production, delivery and fitting has access to it. Make sure they know how to use it and what you consider a small repair.

Consistency of quality is key in ensuring happy, loyal customers.

For smaller bespoke projects, you can purchase as little as one wax stick.  If you’re not sure what quantity or shade you need, get in touch with our specialist team. We pride ourselves on our range of products and our customer service, and we can even arrange next day delivery when a repair just can’t wait.

Colour Matched Wax…

The colour options for edge banding wax are almost limitless. And to those in the know, brown is not just brown. It’s a multitude of shades to match any type of wood effect you’re working with, from oak to maple, and from ash to mahogany. There’s every shade you can imagine, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can produce a bespoke colour for you.

At Cadre, we stock edge banding wax to match all the major board manufacturers and their complementary edging including Formica, Egger, Finsa and Polyrey. Simply type in your board reference to our Perfect Match Search in our online shop and the matching edge banding and coordinated repair waxes will pop up.

To give you an idea of what’s available, here are a few options…

If you’re using wood veneer edge banding, this Mixed Oak Colours (Set Of 10, Each 8cm Long) will have you covered no matter what oak shade you’re using.

White is never simply white. There’s a huge variation in the shade and tone, but this Mixed Whites (Set Of 10, Each 8cm Long) will make sure you hit the mark every time.

Going grey? It’s an ultra-sophisticated shade. If you’re aiming for chic, not shabby chic, then cover unsightly marks with this Pewter Soft Wax (8cm) or this Aluminium Soft Wax (8cm).

Red is a real statement. It’s sexy, powerful and high-impact. Make sure you keep it that way with this Red Soft Wax (8cm).

If you’re working with a rainbow range of colours, keep this Mixed RAL Colours (Set Of 10, Each 8cm Long) to hand for touch-ups in seconds.

Or if your design concept is centered around many different wood effects and shades, choose this Mixed Wood Colours (Set Of 40, Each 4cm Long) to keep your matching veneer edging looking like new.

We know our edge banding and can advise on repairs and products for keeping it in great condition. If you would like further guidance on choosing the right edge banding wax or how to use it, simply pick up the phone and speak with our friendly bunch of experts today. Don’t despair about small edge banding repairs; give wax sticks a try.