Little can beat the pure elegance and simplicity of white. It’s the colour of light, of innocence, and generally associated with goodness. As close to perfection as a colour can get, white has long been seen to represent both cleanliness and safety. And while black is the edgy bad boy of the colour wheel, white is a great choice for a whole range of projects, from composite doors to kitchen and bathroom units, washroom cubicles, home and office furniture, and even coffin manufacturing.

Whatever you’re working on, if you’ve chosen white particle boards, MDF, or plywood, it’s a good omen, and you need the perfect white edge banding tape to complete your look.

If you know you need edge banding that perfectly matches the white shade and style of your boards, all you need to do is head on over to Cadre’s shop and search for a match using your board’s code. If you don’t know the code of the board you’re looking for, don’t panic – our colour match service ensures you will always have exactly the right edging.

But perhaps you’re not looking for a perfect match for your boards. Maybe you fancy something a little different, still in that brilliant shade of white, but a slightly different texture or style. Or maybe you haven’t chosen your boards yet, and you’re looking for a little inspiration. Either way, finding the perfect white edge banding tape will ensure your project has a seamless and stunning finish. Here are our top picks to help you choose the best white edge banding…

Bright White Textured Edge Banding

When you need something bright and splendid but still require a finish that’s a little more special, this bright white edge banding is the ideal choice. Textured to provide a little depth to all that luscious white, it’s the perfect way to finish matching boards, or add a little interest to an otherwise perfectly smooth project. This versatile edging can be matched to a large range of boards, including:

  • Egger W1300 Glacier White W 1300
  • Finsa 018 blanco nieve
  • Kronospan 8681 BS Brilliant White
  • Formica F2696 Super White F 2696
  • G-Lam 3097 VL Polar White
  • Pfleiderer U11027 Icy White U 11027

White Patterned High Gloss Edge Banding

There’s something striking about a high gloss finish in a white edging that really makes a project stand out. This gorgeous banding not only includes a lustrous shine and almost 3-dimensional effect but a delicate silver grey veining for a subtle elegance.

Match this with boards:

  • G-Lam 7530 SHG
  • Krono F5310 MG Pencil Lilne Light
  • Polyrey S 069 BRI Serpentin Blanc S069
  • Seosan 501 HG Silverlilne White

White Ash Wood Effect ABS Edge Banding

How good does whitewashed wood look? Whether you’re going for sun-bleached beach vibes or a serene all white colour scheme, create a seamless look with this edging. Its crisp white shade and real wood effect texture mean you can achieve that oh-so-cool style without the cost or upkeep of real wood. Pair it with boards:

  • Cleaf LM12 Tranche LM 12
  • Egger H3450 White Fleetwood H 3450
  • Egger H3760 White Cape Elm H 3760

White High Gloss Edge Banding

Sleek, contemporary and chic – white high gloss boards are the ultimate in modern minimalism. What you don’t want is poorly matched edging spoiling your design. Opt for this white high gloss edging and you’ll get a seamless finish every time. It matches with a large range of boards, including:

  • Altofina White 002 Gloss
  • Egger W1001 HG Solid Premium White
  • Finsa 060 Blanco Polar
  • Formica M3091 Crystal White M 3091
  • Krono 8100 SM Pearl White
  • Pfleiderer U1026 SM Crystal White

White Textured ABS Banding

White doesn’t have to mean plain. If you’re seeking a base look for your key design pieces, but with a little extra oomph, try adding a texture. This slightly mottled effect gives a little depth and interest and is versatile enough to match with more than 30 boards. Try it with:

  • Altofina White 001 Satin
  • Abet Italy 410 Sei Bianco Ghiaccio
  • Formica F3091 Crystal White F 3091
  • Polyrey B070 Blanc Megeve B 070
  • Kronospan 8685 BS Snow White
  • Sonae Industria B111 White S

White High Gloss Edge Banding

For a clean, almost luminous gloss edge, try this white high gloss banding. Smooth and texture free, it provides a pristine finish to any project. Match with Arpa Italy 0028 Lucida or Pfleiderer U11209/SR209 Royal White U 11209 SR 209.

Grey White Patterned ABS Edging

If brilliant white is a bit too dazzling for you, why not tone it down with soft grey. We love this sophisticated pattern, almost like brushed fur, that comes with a frosty texture. Use it to complement a matching board or as a contrast to a bright white board. Don’t be afraid to mix texture and gloss too for a high-end finish. Match it to:

  • Abet Italy 599
  • Formica F6363 Matte 58 F 6363
  • KronoSwiss D1274 PE Concrete Stromboli D 1274
  • Wilsonart 3504-XX
  • Sonae Industria F2251 Moonscape White F 2251
  • Sonae Industria F6045 Solino F 6045
  • Xylo Cleaf FB45 Ares FB 45

White Wood Effect ABS Edging

Streaks of grey really warm up this white wood effect banding, creating a beautiful rippled pattern, with a real wood-like texture. This is going to look good in the home, in the office, and even washrooms. Again, it will make quite the statement matched to identical boards, or as a contrast to a bright white board or even bold block colour boards. We think it looks particularly good with boards Abet Italy 1385 White Ash, Egger H3335 ST28 White Gladstone Oak H 3335, Egger H3078 ST22 Hacienda White H 3078 and SwissKrono D8130 MX D 8130.

White Wood Effect ABS Edge Banding

This edging really has the wow factor – a distressed white wood effect with emphasised streaks of grey grain. It’s so tactile you just have to touch it.  Teamed with a cool grey colour palette, this will bring a chic element to any design scheme. It’s a little bit special, and matches uniquely to Egger H1122 ST22 Whitewood H 1122.

White Ash Wood Effect ABS Edging

Wood finishes never go out of style, whatever your project. If you’re after a solid wood look but want something lighter than an oak, go for a white ash. Another variation on a white wood effect, this is a matte, bleached wood edging that looks great with matching boards. Team it with:

  • Arpa Italy 4515 GHI
  • Formica F8841 White Ash F 8841
  • Kronospan 8508 White North Wood
  • Kronospan D8508 White North Wood D 8508
  • KronoSwiss D5288 White Spruce D 5288
  • Polyrey P133 EXM Pin Iceberg P 133

Whatever type of edge banding you’re looking for, one of easiest ways to find the right one is to come to the experts. Cadre Components is a leading provider of edge banding, offering over 3,000 different edges in more than 600 colours. We’re dedicated to providing outstanding customer service, including next day or same day deliveries. Get in touch today to find your perfect edge banding solution…