Black is indisputably the one colour that can be relied upon to never go out of style. Furniture on the noir side of the spectrum can be sleek, elegant, and sophisticated. It can also be rugged, urban, and edgy, or professional, serious, and corporate. There are innumerable reasons to choose black when creating a new piece of furniture, a new product, a new line of kitchen and bathroom units, or a fresh design for a composite door. Whatever you’re working with, if you’re creating using black particle boards, MDF, or plywood you’re going to need edging to match.

It may be you’re searching for the perfect black edge bands to match your board, in which case all you need to do is pop over to the shop and search using your board’s code. But if you’re looking to use a different edge to your board (either as a style choice or out of practical necessity) and you’re unsure what kind of black banding to go for, we have a few suggestions.

The right choice of edge banding will complete the look of your item and ensure you have a seamless, stunning finish. Here are ten great options to choose from when you’re looking for the perfect black edge banding…

Black Patterned High Gloss ABS Edging

If you’re looking for something a little quirky and different, look no further than this gorgeous high gloss, patterned black edging to match Pfleiderer’s Black Espirit F27223 boards.

We like to think of this edging as the pinstripe of edge banding, the perfect debonaire twist for your furnishings and projects. It works particularly well on composite doors and surfaces, but is also an excellent way to jazz up a washroom cubicle, or put a stylish twist on an otherwise uninspiring section of panelling.

Dark Striped Wood Effect ABS Edging

Sometimes, you can’t beat a classic. Like black, a wood effect is always going to be in – it’s lighter, more versatile, and more economical than solid wood, but it still looks great. This dark, striped edge banding has all the benefits of wood grain with a near-black colour that’s shot through with shades of grey, and designed to match a range of boards including:

  • Egger H3081 ST 22 Black Havana Pine H 3081
  • Kronospan 8509 HE Black North Wood
  • Kronospan D8509 HE Black North Wood D 8509

A subtle choice, it’s ideal for projects that need a neat, trimmed finish with a little more interest than a plain black edging.

Black Brown Wood Effect ABS Edging

In a similar vein, this wood veneer edge banding is black/brown in colour and offers a more complex wood effect. If you’re going for the natural look, this is the way to go, providing the perfect partner for boards including Alpio AlpiKord 50.67 Dark Oak, and Greenlam 766 Rich Walnut.

Black Speckled Textured ABS Edging

This speckled edging is perfect for a sleek, charcoal look and provides a textured finish like granite to your edges. It is very tactile and has a more unconventional pattern to its surface than alternative options. Matching this edging with similar boards is a great way to create a little luxury in your home and office furniture, or business washroom cubicles and composite doors.

You can match this edging with some great boards to create a gorgeous granite effect. For perfect results try our favourites:

  • Formica PP6366 Paloma Dark Grey PP 6366
  • KronoSwiss D495 PE Elysee D 495
  • Polyrey M003 Surf Maryland Foncé M 003
  • Sonae F939 Venezia

Black Speckled Textured ABS Edging

Similar to the previous edging this gorgeous design has a speckled and textured finish providing a granite effect. This edging offers a slightly more luxurious look, providing a deeper black colour, and allowing for a finished product that’s elegant with a beautiful sheen. Here are a few perfectly matched boards to team it with:

  • Egger F238 ST15 Terrano Black F 238
  • Formica PP6365 Paloma Black PP 6365
  • Polyrey I010 Iquitos Noir I 010
  • Pfleiderer F8194 PF Black Myriad F 8194

Using this ABS edging and a coordinating board is an easy, affordable way to create a truly high-class granite look without the expense or additional weight of using real granite.

Black Textured ABS Edging

If you need a good looking yet simple ABS edge band, this is a great choice, particularly for your key items of furniture, cubicles, and doors. With the ability to match it to more than ten high-quality and great-looking boards, it is the ideal choice to achieve a pure black and shiny finish. Some of our favourite boards to match this edging with include:

  • Egger U999 ST15 Black
  • Finsa S231 Cera Fine Nero
  • Formica F2253 Mat Diamond Black
  • KronoSwiss U190 PE Black U 190

Black Smooth ABS Edging

Another great choice of for a smooth black finish this ABS edging has a sleeker texture and provides a jet black colour. It also has a pure black, matte finish which allows for less reflection and a more contemporary look for your products. The perfect match for Altofina Black 004, Arpa 0509 Erre Nero, and Cleaf U129 Seta Nero boards, along with many others, this one has a gorgeous finish that’s deceptively simple.

Black Oak Wood Effect ABS Edging

If you’re looking for a warmer tone for your edge banding that’s still a gorgeous noir shade, then this black oak wood effect edging is ideally suited for your needs. It boasts a richer brown tone than other purely black edgings, and is the perfect way to add a little depth and glamour to your furniture. It is a particularly great choice for coffin manufacturers, as it gives a real-wood finish that’s dark enough to be ‘black’ but still looks like real wood grain.

While this banding will match perfectly with a broad range of boards the main include, Egger H1137 Black-Brown Sorano Oak H 1137 and Formica F5489 Espresso Pear Matte 58 F 5489.

Black High Gloss ABS Edging

This edge banding is perfect for a high gloss, sheer texture that gives a shiny beautiful finish. It presents an almost 3D effect as its super shiny texture offers a gleaming surface with real depth. Its dark colour is great to match with the following boards:

  • Greenlam 401 Gloss Black
  • KronoSwiss U190 HG Black U 190
  • Pfliederer U007 MP Graphite Black
  • Sonae L3031 Black L 3031

Black Speckled ABS Edging

The speckled design of this edge banding is the perfect way to evoke feelings of a dark winter’s night, or the frosting of the first snow. It also provides a quirky, almost leopard-print quality that can easily be paired with a range of other colours and materials to create both high-class elegance and something with a little cheeky chic. The almost spotted design of the pattern makes it stand out more compared to a basic bold colour, and it can be perfectly paired with the Polyrey C011 Caviar C 011 board.

Whatever type of edge banding you’re looking for, one of easiest ways to find the right one is to come to the experts. Cadre Components are a leading provider of edge banding, offering over 3,000 different edges in more than 600 colour? We’re dedicated to providing outstanding customers service, including next day or same day deliveries. Get in touch today to find your perfect edge banding solution…