Walnut is a classic wood for furniture which has a timeless appeal. Often associated with traditional or antique furniture, walnut is now making a comeback in more modern designs.

While it is usually found in a deep tone and lustrous polished finish, it actually comes in a wide range of shades from very light to very dark.

Walnut is a strong, durable wood that carves well, which is why it has been used throughout history to make intricate cabinets, mantelpieces, bedsteads and other elaborate furniture for wealthy families. Today, it is used for doors, flooring, wall panels, worktops and more.

Like all solid woods it’s expensive, and many prefer to use walnut veneer or walnut effect laminate or melamine bonded boards to achieve the same effect without the excessive cost.

Walnut effect boards and edge banding has other advantages over solid wood too – it’s lighter and therefore easier to transport and fit into interiors, it’s easier to care for and maintain and it’s easier to clean.

Bringing the look and feel of real wood into interiors is a tried and tested way of adding warmth, texture and tone. But if you don’t want the expense and maintenance of solid wood, you can still achieve the same ambience with today’s range of high quality, super-realistic boards and edging. If you’re unsure which wood look to choose, walnut is a timeless choice that will still look great in years to come.

As always in design, you can’t afford to overlook the details. Poor quality or mismatched edging can have a negative impact on the integrity of a design scheme. And if you’re aiming for the appearance of solid wood, you really don’t want your edges giving the game away. Choosing quality edge banding, perfectly matched to your boards, will give the satisfaction of a coherent scheme and pristine finish every time.

Here’s our top ten great choices when you need the perfect walnut edge banding…

Light Walnut Wood Effect ABS Edging

This is a great mid-tone option with a beautiful grain and real wood texture. Match this with boards Altofina Walnut 003, Formica F5486 SMT Classic Walnut F 5486 or Kronospan 9614 Light Lyon Walnut.

Dark Walnut Wood Effect ABS Edging

At the darker end of the colour spectrum, this edge banding is a fabulous deep chocolatey tone. This is the classic walnut shade usually associated with walnut furniture. Team it with boards Geaves Gentas 9659 Antique Walnut, Geaves Stylam 7712 Miami Walnut, Kronospan 1925 PE Dark Walnut or Geaves Gentas 4452 Tobacco Line Wood.

Antique Walnut Wood Effect ABS Edging

This beautiful antique shade walnut edge banding will seamlessly complete any item of furniture for an elegant interior style. Pair it perfectly with KronoSwiss D4823 VL Walnut Ambassador Antique D 4823.

Grey Walnut Wood Effect ABS Edging

If you’re looking to create a subtly chic design scheme, don’t discount walnut. This slightly greyed walnut effect edging takes the walnut tone down a notch for a contemporary twist. Try it with KronoSwiss D3813 Barcelona Walnut D 3813 boards.

Pre-Glued Walnut Edge Banding…

If you prefer to work with edge banding that is pre-glued, here’s two great choices in veneer (Walnut Pre-Glued Real Wood Veneer Edging) and melamine (Walnut Wood Effect Pre-Glued Melamine Edging) walnut edging. These work perfectly with any pre-glued walnut veneer boards, pre-glued walnut thru & thru boards or real wood veneer boards.

Black/Brown Walnut Wood Effect ABS Edging

For something a little different, try this black/brown walnut effect edging in a fabulous rich hue and realistic wood grain texture. Matched with Greenlam 766 Rich Walnut boards, it will make a striking addition to interiors in the home, work or public environments.

Washed Walnut Wood Effect ABS Edging

This washed walnut edge banding offers a subtly weathered appeal for another new take on walnut. Again, moving away from the classic dark, rich tone, it adds another dimension to walnut furniture, cabinets, or worktops. This works wonderfully with Formica F8969 SMT Dinara Walnut F 8969 and Unilin H852 BST Dinara Walnut H 852 boards.

Dark Walnut Smooth ABS Edging

Heading back over to the dark side, this walnut edge banding also comes with a silky smooth texture, harking back to the antique polished furniture so favoured in the past. It looks great teamed with Altofina Walnut 001 or Formica F3485-MAT Black Walnut F 3485 boards.

Butcherblock Walnut Textured ABS Edging

Finally, for an unusual twist on walnut, why not try this butcherblock effect edging? It’s a very stylish option with variations in tone and grain that gives the effect of strips of wood bonded together – like a traditional butcher’s chopping block. Match it to KronoSwiss D324 PE Butcherblock Walnut D 324.

Rediscover Walnut…

So there you have it – there’s definitely more to walnut than meets the eye. The stuffy, dark, fussy walnut furniture of the past is making way for smoother, chicer and more stylish interpretations in a huge variety of shades. The timeless quality of walnut remains, however, and used in the right way, it’s a look that will stand the test of time.

Whether you go for textured or wood effect, ABS or real wood veneer, dark or light shades in your edge banding – walnut will add a touch of old school elegance to interiors.

If you’ve been inspired to rediscover walnut, just head on over to our Perfect Search and type in your board reference, if you have it, or simply browse by colour or finish. Our online shop has thousands of edge bandings to choose from, all matched to their corresponding boards from a range of top manufacturers. Our edge bandings come in a range of widths, thicknesses and any length.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or need something a little more bespoke, get in touch with our friendly expert team. We can advise on all aspects of edge banding to make sure you find just the right one for your project as quickly and smoothly as possible. Whatever your requirement, we can meet it.