Bringing natural materials into interiors is always a great way to add warmth, comfort, quality and textural interest. With its range of shades, fine texture and straight grain, cherry wood is a favourite for designers and makes a statement whether used for worktops, cabinets, doors or furniture.

It’s a hardwood that comes, of course, from the cherry tree. Its prized for its durability and rich tones. It’s flexibility and beautiful colour also make it a popular choice for panelling and caskets.

While we might love the look of real cherry wood, it’s not an ideal choice for all. Solid wood is expensive, heavy and hard to maintain. For those with busy lives, a cherry wood effect board and edging can be a great way of achieving the same look, without the excessive cost or maintenance.

The convenience of wipe clean, hygienic, lightweight melamine or laminate boards is hard to beat. And these days, the technology is there to produce bonded boards in finishes almost indistinguishable from real wood.

Whether you add your cherry wood in subtle accents or wall-to-wall, the (red!) devil is in the detail. You don’t want your fabulous new cherry wood effect cabinet doors finished with the wrong edging, or that new corporate washroom looking anything but slick and professional.

Whatever your project, we have the perfect cherry wood edge banding tape for you…

Cherry Textured ABS Edging

This is a great mid colour cherry wood effect edging in a tactile textured ABS. The subtle red brown tone will complement a range of design schemes. Match it with Formica F6686 Sakura Cherry F 6686.

Cherry Wood Effect ABS Edging

Similar in tone, this cherry edge banding comes with a realistic wood effect texture to elevate your designs even further. Use it to add the look and feel of solid wood to your home. It matches a range of boards including Altofina Cherry 001, Kronospan D618 Toscana Cherry, KronoSwiss D344 PR Cherry D 344, KronoSwiss D340 PR Oxford Cherry D 340 and Pfleiderer R5360 VV Precious cherry.

Cherry Wood Effect ABS Edging

Another realistic wood effect edging, this has a beautifully rich tone with a grained texture `that will bring elegance into any design scheme. Pair it with Egger H1706 ST15 Cherry H1706 or Pfleiderer F35/005 VV Bloomed Cherry Planked.

Light Cherry Wood Effect ABS Edging

If you’re looking for a slightly lighter cherry tone, this is a great choice. Its beautiful straight grain and real wood effect texture add a sense of calm to interiors. This edging is really versatile, matching a large range of boards including Altofina Cherry 002 Satin, Egger H1615 Verona Cherry H 1615, Kronospan D9736 Malaga Cherry D 9736 and Pfleiderer R3048 C Tabac Cherry.

Amarena Cherry Wood Effect ABS Edging

This edging gives a slightly different take on cherry wood, with a defined grain and variation in light and dark strokes. It still offers that wonderful red quality of cherry wood, and a realistic wood grain textured finish. If you’re working with Resopal 4128-WH Amarena Cherry boards, this edging will seamlessly complete your look.

Cherry Real Wood Veneer Thru & Thru Edging

Veneer is a great middle ground if you don’t want the expense and weight of solid wood but want to create that beautiful ambience that comes from real timber. What’s more, veneer is far more stable than real wood. Because it is made of thin layers of wood adhered together, the chances of warping, splitting or cracking are greatly reduced. Veneer edging also adds an extra layer of strength to your finished furniture. Use this cherry veneer edging with any cherry veneer or cherry thru & thru material.

Cherry Pre-Glued Real Wood Veneer Edging

If you prefer your edge banding pre glued, and you’re working with real wood veneer, this cherry edging is the one to go for. It sits at the lighter end of the cherry wood spectrum, and as it’s veneer, it gives a beautiful and strong real wood finish. Use this with any pre-glued cherry veneer or pre-glued cherry thru & thru material.

Dark Cherry Textured ABS Edging

Make a visual impact with this darker, deeper cherry tone. This would look great in an office environment, contrasted against lighter tones. The textured finish makes it very durable and a good choice for high traffic areas. Team it with Egger H1636 Locarno Cherry H1636, Formica F1139 Country Cherry F 1139 or Unilin H480 CST Country Cherry H 480.

Dark Cherry Wood Effect ABS Edging

Staying at the dark end of the cherry spectrum, this edging has that luxurious deep tone with a wonderfully tactile real wood grain effect texture. Perfectly combined with Formica F7021 Wild Cherry F 7021, Geaves Gentas 4253 Dark Cherry or Resopal 4428 Delight Cherry, it will add a very vintage element to interiors.

Light Cherry Textured ABS Edging

Finally, this light cherry edging provides a lovely mid colour, straight grained solid wood effect. Use this for kitchen worktops, desks or tables for a beautiful natural touch that will complement any colour scheme. Pair this edge banding with Egger H3552 Natural Venetian Cherry H 3552.

Real wood isn’t right for everyone. With material technology and finishes developing all the time, there’s really no reason to compromise on texture, look or style when it comes to wood effect boards and edging. And when choosing a wood style and tone for your design scheme, cherry is a tried and tested option. Whether you go for edging that’s light or dark, veneer or ABS, wood effect or textured, you can’t go wrong with cherry wood’s beautiful tones and grain.

If you’ve been inspired to create your own cherry wood project or incorporate it into your design schemes, head on over to our online shop to find the perfect cherry edge banding tape to complete your look. You can simply browse our cherry options, or if you have the reference of the board you’re working with, type it into our Perfect Search and you’ll find all the edge bandings available that match.

Using the right, perfectly-matched edging will ensure your project looks pristine – and deliver happy customers every time. If you’re still not sure which edge banding you need or have any questions, just get in touch with our friendly expert team. We’re the UK’s leading edge banding experts and no matter what your query, we can help.